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In keeping with our mission to develop underrepresented students into outstanding leaders and role models in academia, business, and the public sector we are providing resources that will help our community to achieve its goals.  This page provides information and articles to help make informed decisions. 

Articles you will find below:

  • Mentoring
  • Being a Mentee
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Post Baccalaureate
  • Career
  • Teaching

Full downloadable versions of the Mentor guides are available below.

The complete mentoring guides can be downloaded here.

Guide to Being a Proactive Mentee
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Writing on a sheet of paper
What is a Mentor?
Group of people discussing
Who is a Mentor?
Mentor and mentee discussing
What You Should Expect from a Good Mentor in a Summer Research Program
Professor and student working together
Mentoring Up: How to be a Proactive Mentee in a Summer Research Program
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Virtual Conference on Mentoring Resources (Thrive Mosaic & More)
Proactive Mentee: Before, During, and After Your Summer Research Experience
Young student working on the laptop in library
Getting to Know Your Mentor
Group of young students working together and discussing
Getting to Know Your Project and Other Mentors
Group of young students working together and discussing
Setting Expectations With Your Mentor
Group of people discussing
The Mentoring Team at Your Summer Research Site
Group of people discussing
Preparing for the LANS with Your Mentor(s)
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What to do When There’s a Problem with Your Mentoring Relationship
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Keep your mentor up to date on your research and professional development
Research mentor and home mentor getting to know each other
How to integrate your summer research mentor(s) with your mentoring team at your home institution
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Utilizing your network when applying to graduate school
Guide to Being a Proactive Mentor to Undergraduates
Word mentor on dictionary page
Mentoring Undergraduates in a Virtual Summer Research and Professional Development Program
Group picture
The Leadership Alliance Commitment to Outstanding Mentorship
Mentor and mentee discussing
The Benefits of Mentoring
Audience listening to a lecture
The Responsibilities of Mentoring
Group picture
The Requirements of Mentoring
Thrive Mentoring (Dr. Robbin Chapman)
Working With Your Mentee: Before, During and After Their Summer Research Experience
Group of people discussing
Mentoring Before the Program Begins
Two students and a laboratory technician wearing lab coats in a laboratory
Clarifying and Aligning Expectations
Young student working at a PC with two screens
Project Fit
Empty todo list
Managing Logistics
Mentor and mentee
Mentoring During the Summer Program
Group of students and their mentor
Mentoring During the First Week
Group of young students working together and discussing
Establishing Open and Durable Lines of Communication
Young female student working at a machine with a screwdriver
Moving from Onboarding to Independence
Two young female students and their mentor working in a laboratory
Modeling and Mentoring the Life of a Researcher
illustration of head mental health
The Emotional Health of Your Mentee
Group of students behind letters representing #lans
Mentoring Toward the Virtual Leadership Alliance National Symposium (VLANS)
Mentor and mentees fist bump and smile
Offboarding and Mentoring After the Research Experience
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Presenting at Conferences
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Speaker Series
Colored pencils and notebooks
Teaching and Course Development
Unconscious Bias
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Unconscious Bias Reading list
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Post-baccalaureate Programs
Picture of a paper folder
Tips for Applying to Graduate School
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Getting Published
Graduate Student
female university student selecting library book from shelf
Thriving In Graduate School
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Dissertation/Thesis Writing
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business workspace
Career Planning
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Professional Development
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Gear up for the job market with resources from Leadership Alliance Partners
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Job Market Materials
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man working in cafe at a laptop
The Job Search