How we do it

From Scholarship To Leadership

We are able to produce leaders and role models by mentoring undergrads to first careers. Opportunities for training and mentoring begin with undergraduates during the academic year with our Academic Year Workshop program, through which students are exposed to research careers, opportunities for research experiences, and the core skills for forming collaborative learning groups. Opportunities continue during the summer with the First-Year Research Experience (FYRE) program, which enables first-year students from our member minority-serving institutions to conduct research during the Summer Research Early Identification Program (SR-EIP). SR-EIP participants present their research at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium (LANS). 

For graduate students, postdocs, junior faculty and Leadership Alliance Doctoral Scholars, LANS is an opportunity for further mentoring and professional development. In the Career Development Workshop and Grant Writing Coaching Groups, they build skills and meet mentors that help bring a truly diverse and representative research workforce into being. Doctoral Scholars, faculty, and administrators remain engaged through our Speaker Series where they share their stories of becoming researchers and of transforming the research workforce.

Our Doctoral Scholars are Fulfilling the Promise of Leadership
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Doctoral Scholars are SR-EIP alumni who have completed their graduate degree and are now working in academia, government, public and private sectors. We are nearing 600 alumni who are actively
 diversifying the research workforce.
 They remain part of the Leadership Alliance network and participate in our national symposium, professional development programs, campus visits, and are part of TLA Connect where they are available for networking and additional mentoring opportunities

To Be Part of the Leadership Alliance Means...

Our Doctoral Scholars give voice to the voiceless and shape narratives that inspire students from
underrepresented backgrounds to dream beyond their reality.

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