Strategic Plan

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The Leadership Alliance's Strategic Plan, Mobilizing For Research Workforce Diversity, outlines a plan to develop a prepared talent pool for the 21st century, grow the ranks of alumni who have obtained doctoral degrees, sustain institutional commitment to diversity, and advance the visibility of The Leadership Alliance. The vision and goals define a roadmap for optimizing and growing existing programs while pursuing new partnerships that will enhance our efforts to develop a diverse and competitive 21st century workforce.

This plan represents a bold and unified effort to mobilize for research workforce diversity.

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Dr. Christina Paxson, President - Brown University
Dr. Medeva Ghee, Former Executive Director - The Leadership Alliance
Goal 1: Establish regional networks that work with and extend the ongoing objectives of the Leadership Alliance.
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By blending industry partners and non-profit organizations with our existing consortium as well as partnering with new regional colleges and universities, The Leadership Alliance seeks to develop a regional model to address the career pathway needs gap for underrepresented students.

Goal 2: Build strategic national, international, and sovereign nation partnerships to accelerate the development of a diverse and inclusive research workforce.
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The Leadership Alliance, a national consortium of institutions of higher education, will coordinate and connect regional-scale innovation among partners and develop the infrastructure needed to expand innovative practices on a national scale.

Goal 3: Expand programs and resources to ensure seamless education and career transition.

The Leadership Alliance is committed to expanding programming to ensure seamless education and career transitions through graduate school, early career, and beyond.

Goal 4: Leverage the collective knowledge of the Alliance to advance national discussion on research workforce diversification.

The Leadership Alliance brings to the table all of the key constituencies for research workforce diversification and can leverage both the knowledge of those who are actively diversifying the research workforce and engage vital stakeholders in academic, industry, and government in helping to devise creative new initiatives.

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