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Keep your mentor up to date on your research and professional development

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Let your mentor(s) know what you have been doing

Annual Updates Many families like to send out holiday cards, newsletters, or other updates. To keep your mentoring team up to date on the great work you have been doing, plan an annual email detailing the new research you have undertaken and methodologies you have added to your tool kit. Be sure to make this a two-way street and ask how their “year-in-research” has been.

Notes About Research Extensions: Did you present your research at another conference after LANS (either at your home school or elsewhere)? Did you take a class that your mentor suggested? Did you read a recently published paper that relates to your research? You should send a quick email to your mentor in all of these instances. Not only will they be happy to hear that you continue to engage with what you worked on this summer, but you will also have the opportunity to highlight your ongoing personal and professional growth.

Action Item

Jot down your plan for keeping in touch with your mentor(s) now. Write reminders in your calendar corresponding to that plan. That way keeping in touch will not fall off your radar screen.

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