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A competitive workforce thrives when talent is diversified across the ranks of varied career sectors. The US population is more diverse than ever, yet that diversity remains underutilized in the research workforce. The Leadership Alliance, founded by Brown University in 1992, is uniquely positioned to drive talent development and innovation. By identifying and supporting underrepresented scholars across the educational continuum and into professional research careers, the Alliance serves as a catalytic change to promote a diverse and competitive research workforce.

Forward, Together: Mobilizing for Research Workforce Diversity
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The Leadership Alliance is a successful model that systematically mentors talented underrepresented individuals, offering support at the critical transitions along the academic pathway. To move us well beyond the accomplishments we have achieved thus far, we have leveraged the collective wisdom, energy, and creativity of internal and external stakeholders committed to diversifying the research workforce. These strategic discussions have informed the following goals that will accelerate the diversification of the research workforce through sustainable collaborations and thought leadership on inclusive excellence.

Download the Executive Summary for the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan
2020 Annual Report
Innovation, Access, and Resilience define our resolve to press on as we faced seemingly insurmountable challenges in the wake of a Twindemic, one caused by COVID-19, the other resulting in systemic anti-black racism. The Leadership Alliance rose to the challenge to develop innovative solutions during these unprecedented times.
2020 annual report
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