Tips for Applying to Graduate School

This resource will guide you through the process of applying and getting into graduate school. The following series of articles will walk you through the entire application process: from taking stock of your graduate school options all the way to choosing between graduate school offers. And if something a question isn’t covered, reach out to someone at the Leadership Alliance Executive Office who can connect you to one of our mentors. You can also reach out to our mentors directly by joining TLAConnect, our dedicated social networking site.

We know how daunting the whole process can be. So the guide takes a step-by-step approach, with each article focusing on a specific aspect of the process and providing you with concrete action items

  • Preparing to apply – The first of the guide’s three series of articles covers:
    1. The overview of the process (HSS, STEM)
    2. What you get from a PhD (HSS, STEM)
    3. Taking stock of your graduate school options (HSS, STEM)
    4. Knowing what information to gather (HSS, STEM)
  • The second series covers essential elements of the application:
    1. Scheduling and prepping for your entrance exams (HSS, STEM)
    2. Budgeting for the application process (HSS, STEM)
    3. Revising your resume, CV, or biosketch (HSS, STEM)
    4. Writing an outstanding statement of purpose (HSS, STEM)
    5. Getting the writing sample right (HSS only)
    6. Contacting your letter writers (HSS, STEM)
    7. Filling out and submitting your application (HSS, STEM)
  • The third series reviews topics related to what you should do after submitting your application:
    1. The admissions committee process (HSS, STEM)
    2. Interviewing (HSS, STEM)
    3. The post-interview process (HSS, STEM)
    4. Choosing between grad school offers. (HSS, STEM)

Below we have published a recommended timeline for applying as part of our full-guide PDF.