headshot Sian Beilock
Sian Beilock, Ph.D.

Sian Beilock is the 19th president of Dartmouth College. She is the first woman to have been elected president of Dartmouth by the Board of Trustees and began her tenure on June 12, 2023. Sian previously served as the eighth president of Barnard College at Columbia University. 

A cognitive scientist by training, Sian is one of the world's leading experts on the brain science behind "choking under pressure" in business, education, and sports.

She is the author of the critically acclaimed Choke and How the Body Knows Its Mind, which have been published in more than a dozen languages, and she has published over 120 peer-reviewed scientific papers. She works closely with individuals, Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, and government organizations to help them build high-performance teams and use research-driven strategies to create environments that attract, retain, and get the best out of their talent.