headshot Myles Bartholomew
Myles Bartholomew

Myles Bartholomew, a fourth-year Molecular Bio, Cell Bio, & Biochemistry Ph.D. Candidate at Brown University embodies a passion for both research and educational equity.

Having secured the prestigious National Science Foundation GRFP and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for his innovative work in fertility and stem cell research, Myles's journey displays a commitment to reshaping education and pushing the boundaries of science.

His passion for groundbreaking biology and bridging educational gaps led him to the Leadership Alliance in 2017 as an FYRE scholar at Dartmouth, followed by two summers as an SR-EIP scholar at Brown and an Amgen scholar at Stanford. These undergraduate research experiences sharpened his scientific insight and fueled his enthusiasm for inclusive academic opportunities.

Myles is also a 2020 graduate of The Xavier University of Louisiana. There, he served as Student Body President, contributed to the Student Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees, and went on medical and educational missions in Honduras. Myles' dedication to transformative leadership has been evident even as a graduate student. He continued to be deeply involved with endeavors like the Leadership Alliance, ABRCMS, and the HBCU-Stanford Planning Committee, all striving to broaden pathways for underrepresented students.

Myles's vision extends beyond impactful laboratory discoveries; it encompasses a desire to reshape education and foster equity within academia, industry, and medicine. He believes the biological sciences' future lies in inclusivity and diverse perspectives.