headshot Dezmond Cole
Dezmond Cole

Dezmond Cole is a Ph.D. candidate at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. In the lab of Dr. Erin Goley, his dissertation focuses on unraveling the cell biology of tick-borne bacterial pathogens. As a champion of diversity, Dezmond serves on the Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) at Johns Hopkins University. In this pivotal advisory role, he guides the university toward implementing its strategic vision for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, Dezmond is a mentor for the NIH-funded Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he empowers scholars from underrepresented backgrounds to successfully pursue doctoral education in biomedicine.

Dezmond's leadership is further exemplified by his role as the former President of the Johns Hopkins Science Policy & Diplomacy Group (JHSPDG). There, he created opportunities for future scientific leaders to engage in policy issues of national and international concern. His achievements include facilitating collaborations with the embassies of Switzerland, France, Belgium, and The Netherlands, curating a workshop with the U.S. Government Accountability Office on communicating science to policymakers for doctoral students, co-launching a nationwide initiative to increase voter awareness and civic engagement of STEM students, and spearheading a project aimed at promoting sustainable urban agriculture in Baltimore City.

Dezmond Cole is not only extending the boundary of human knowledge but is also a key figure in fostering an inclusive and equitable research ecosystem. His significant contributions to diversity and policy initiatives position him as a dynamic force in the scientific community.