headshot brandon zamora
Brandon Zamora

Brandon Zamora (he/him) is an undergraduate sophomore at the University of Central Florida, pursuing a bachelor of science degree in biomedical sciences on the neuroscience track. He conducted research during the summer of 2023 at Vanderbilt University through The Leadership Alliance’s Summer Research Early Identification Program, and had the wonderful opportunity to work under the guidance of Dr. Levin. He worked in an eye-tracking lab and studied the link between nursing students’ eye movements in a learning simulation and their learning and other cognitive functions; this provided him with valuable research experience. He studied the minute movements and fixations of the eyes, the objects grabbing subjects’ interest, the speed it took subjects to respond to verbal requests, and more. His work at Vanderbilt gave him the opportunity to participate directly in a mentor-mentee relationship and the overall space was one that he found very intellectually enriching. Brandon plans to further develop his research interests at the University of Central Florida. At his current institution, he is set to begin his honors undergraduate thesis in the summer of 2024, and in the meantime is working on a group effort applied research project. After his bachelor’s degree he plans to enter into an MD/PhD program. He dreams of working on the research end of psychiatry, with a strong interest in psychedelics. His research experience through The Leadership Alliance was instrumental in furthering his interest in the research process and post-bacc programs. e is very grateful for the experience and everyone involved in making the experience possible.